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Guidelines: Submitting a Site to ScifiSource.

ScifiSource is a hand-edited portal to science fiction sites. Not every site submitted will be listed. Please submit the main page of your site only. Our editors will look at your entire site and notify you if it is selected for inclusion in our database.

Scifisource will only list sites where the majority of the site relates to science fiction, fantasy, horror and/or space science. Sites that are still “under construction” should not be submitted until they are ready. We will not list adult sites or stores with a single genre-related page. Sites that are not updated at least every 3-6 months will generally not be included unless they have a lot of information that is still relevant. We check periodically for dead links and remove such sites.

Please review our listing format before submitting yours! Sites will be listed alphabetically within categories by title. Titles should be your actual title of your site - attempts to rename your site just to get a better position in the category will be edited! Description should be a true and accurate description of your site in 200 words or less - please avoid hype. Titles and Descriptions are subject to editing by our review staff. Entries are not accepted  from bulk submitters. We take the time to review every site listed - we ask that you take the time to submit one to us.

While we do not require return links, they are always greatly appreciated! See the Link to Us page for information.

Re-Submitting a Site

If your site dramatically changes in style or content, please use our feedback form to let us know and we’ll take a look at the changes and re-rate the site as appropriate.

All submissions are reviewed by an editor before inclusion in our public database.
Please don’t waste your time or ours by submitting sites having nothing to do with the categories covered by Scifisource.

They will NOT appear in the Source.

Look to ScifiSource to show you the coolest Science fiction sites on the web!


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5 Rockets indicate the Best Sites! See About our Rankings for more information. Think a site deserves a different rating? Please give us your feedback! Let us know which site and why you feel it should be ranked differently! We make every effort to keep our listings current, but please let us know if you find a dead link.

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